Portrait Gallery

All Dry Brush Portraits displayed are 16″ x 20″ and done on watercolour paper

Dry Brush on canvas and other sizes are available

Go to the Order Form page for prices and sizes

Spaniel Dog2017-09-18T20:08:09+00:00
Spaniel pastel pet portrait
Footballer 22017-01-10T13:24:45+00:00
Footballer 12017-01-10T13:24:18+00:00
Portrait of a dog2017-01-10T13:23:52+00:00
Pastel Pet Portrait Labrador
Couples Portrait2016-10-05T09:32:46+00:00
Couples Portrait
Einstein Portrait2017-04-05T08:34:29+00:00
Geoff benn dry brush portrait of Einstein
Adele Portrait2016-04-06T19:22:44+00:00
Adele Portrait
Andy Portrait2016-04-06T19:21:52+00:00
Andy Portrait
Bruno Mars Portrait2016-04-06T19:21:05+00:00
Bruno Mars Portrait
Cheryl Portrait2016-04-06T19:20:10+00:00
Cheryl Portrait
Cheryl Cole Portrait2016-04-06T19:19:30+00:00
Cheryl Cole portrait
Elise Portrait2016-04-06T19:18:18+00:00
Young girl Elise portrait
Robbie Williams Portrait2016-04-06T19:17:14+00:00
Robbie Williams Portrait
Young girl Scarlett2016-04-06T19:16:13+00:00
Young girl Scarlett
Young boy Andrew portrait2016-04-06T18:43:55+00:00
Young boy Andrew portrait
Strawberry blonde2016-04-11T16:30:56+00:00
Strawberry blonde young girl portrait
Phil Brunt Racing2016-04-11T16:32:59+00:00
Motorcycle rider
Nathan Horsfield Racing2016-04-11T16:31:57+00:00
motorcycle rider
Small Dog Portrait2016-04-06T17:45:26+00:00
Small dog portrait
Lady Gaga Portrait2016-04-06T17:25:49+00:00
Lady Gaga Portrait